Testimonials by Sunray Customers

Below you can read and watch some interesting testimonials by real customers.

"You have one terrific group of installers! Very professional, neat, polite, everything was cleaned up before they left... we could not have asked for a better experience. The speed at which they completed the job was incredible! The entire install took only 2 days, while I have seen many of my neighbors (who used other solar installers besides Sunray) take literally 1-2 weeks.

Great job!! My hat is off to the entire Sunray team!"

- Kyle Johnson

Huge Savings from a Small Solar Installation

The first time our customers received their first electric bill that topped $300, they knew it was time to look into solar. Despite minor site restrictions of shade and other factors, Sunray Solar, was able to install a solar system that slashed their bills by 88%. Located in Bridgewater, NJ, the homeowners had been considering a solar-powered electrical solution for many years. Their new system helps the environment, adds value to their home and dramatically cuts their electric bill.

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