Troy Lambe, Founder of Sunray Solar says it's no longer offering services as of Feb of 2013 because of ongoing litigation against Jossef Kahlon (aka Yossef Kahlon/Joseph Kahlon). As such, this website is only for historical purposes.

2013 utility rates are sure to be on the rise! Especially after the Super Storm Sandy! Why wait? Save as much as 30-35% on your electric bill! With a NO CREDIT, NO MONEY out of pocket solar energy system that provides a fixed 11 cent per kW hr rate for 15 years! A roof in sound condition with proper orientation is required, but that's all! Hurry and reserve your system today by contacting us!

Sunray remains committed to offering consumers the best available options for solar! We offer both PPAs and leases with two of the largest energy finance companies in the industry as well as the local Sunlight Advantage™ program by NJR Clean Energy Ventures of New Jersey. The Sunlight Advantage™ program is as simple as solar gets for NJ homeowners, there simply is no competition when you do the math!

NJR Sunlight Advantage NJR Clean Energy

NJR Sunlight Advantage Program is Easy and Affordable!

Let Sunray & NJR plug you into the sun and save!

Have you looked into solar energy, but were discouraged by the high cost or credit requirements? Look no further than The Sunlight Advantage™ by NJRCEV. With this exciting solar program, you'll receive all the benefits of solar energy without any expensive, upfront investments. The Sunlight Advantage™ includes: No down payment or credit requirements, no upfront or installation costs, fixed monthly payments for the life of the agreement, and all maintenance and repairs.

While purchasing a solar system can typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, with The Sunlight Advantage homeowners will pay approximately $65 per month for a typical 6 kilowatt (kW) system over a 15-year period. That monthly rate is fixed over the life of the lease and includes all installation and maintenance costs. Customers begin to immediately realize savings following the activation of the interconnection. This solar technology is estimated to save homeowners an average of $35 per month (net) after the lease payment for a typical 6kW system based on today's electric prices and average homeowner electricity consumption. Savings will increase over time as electricity prices increase down the road in the upcoming years. Possible net savings on electric costs can add up to over $10,000 over the life of the lease -- all while generating clean, renewable energy for your home!

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