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Sunray Solar is a member in SEIA, NESEA and NJCEP. Sunray has a NJCEP Certified Home Performance Contractor Status. We are Better Business rated and we offer solar programs from the largest renewable energy financing companies in the industry. Our NJR Clean Energy Ventures relationship allows us to deliver the best there is to offer as far as home solar options are concerned.

Sunray strives to be a powerful NJ Solar industry presence and our core business is finding homeowners and small sized business owners energy relief by offering NO cost, No credit solar systems to reduce their energy bills, be energy independent and save money with solar energy. We offer solar energy systems through leases and power purchases. We also offer an opion for customers who wish to full purchase systems, as well.

The Sunray Solar parent company Max Diversified Inc, was established in 1991 and has been running smoothly ever since. Max has been in the local NJ business community for many years and is focused on building Sunray Solar into a leader in the NJ renewable energy industry; particularly the solar industry. All Sunray executives, at every level, have certain areas of extensive expertise in the renewable energy industry. Sunray employees also have extensive BPU regulatory, interconnection and integration, system design and analysis, EPC and renewable energy expertise, and are well respected within the industry. Sunray employees also are solely responsible for the company's SREC marketing and trading for our customers and our systems.

Sunray also offers systems with NRG home solar as well as Clean Power Finance for additional options to our clients, Sunray is the only NJ company to posess relationships with 3 of the largest solar energy finance companies, see press release below

LAKEWOOD, N.J., April 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sunray Solar™, a leader in simple, affordable solar solutions, has partnered with Clean Power Finance to bring more affordable financing options to homeowners interested in clean low cost energy solutions. As a leading provider of residential financing for the solar industry, Clean Power Finance will provide unparalleled support, enabling both organizations to expand into more markets throughout the United States.

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